Who are we really?

About The SAVRAC Movement

The SAVRAC Movement is a project that targets the community in South Africa’s economy as a whole. SAVRAC, meaning STANDING AGAINST VIOLENCE RAPE ABUSE & CRIME, is a MarlicomWorld Int initiative based and aimed at making people aware and vigilant of crime as a whole, rape and violence against women and children. As young children are mostly the victims in such cases, it is targeted and will be centred at women and children through victim support associations and professionals (counsellours and therapy).

Our Vision

To decrease the rates in crime and violence of women & children by raising awareness through media and entertainment, The SAVRAC Movement will create a more stable network of vigilance and unity within the community and make aware to the community and nation how much of negative impact crime has affected the people, especially the young. The SAVRAC Movement knows that the cycle of crime can be stopped through a change of the infrastructure and unity in the community.

Our Mission

The SAVRAC Movement aims to decrease the rates in crime in community and the nation by sending a message and awareness to build a unified country against crime and violence. Through the use media influence to target the mass and also identifying, establishing and connecting with organisations against crime and violence etc. The SAVRAC Movement will create changes in individuals, families and society that strengthen awareness, relationships and promote unity and healing.

Our Values

Integrity – Do what is right.
Compassion – Put the welfare of victims before our own
Unity – Not one of us can achieve as much as we can together
Respect – Treat people as they should be treated
Access – To be a point of contact to inaccessible resources between victims and the responsible authorities, and life changing limitations.

What We Do

CONNECT - Connects any potential threat to the responsible authorities affiliated with the SAVRAC Movement. Including, Crime Reporting, Rape, Abuse and Violence based issues. Following Up on the cases presented as to ensure a thorough service to all attributes concerning the matter.

CREATE - The SAVRAC Movement creates opportunities that will help the victims through the trauma, and the community not only to be aware, but help the community together as a whole.

MEDIA - The SAVRAC Movement speaks out to challenge the communities and nation as a whole through media.

PROFESSIONALS - The SAVRAC Movement is associate with social, clinical and professional oraganisations that assist and cater to specific cases to help the victims better.

More About SAVRAC

We as The SAVRAC Movement believe in a community, and a South Africa that is safe build on life values, a country where our young children play in the streets without fear and danger. More details on the specifics about concerning our movement, click here.